Hi all!  I’m so excited to start this blog and share all of my knowledge and passion for sustainability with you.  Most people think that sustainability is either extremely technical, only about solar, or that it’s all about tree hugging and granola.  I’m here today to tell you that sustainability is not just one or the other but actually a blend of many actions we can take to improve our home, business, family and self while also benefiting the planet.

Many of my business clients have asked how they can improve their bottom line and the planet – this blog will provide you with ideas, action items, and ways of life you can implement to help achieve those goals – for your business or your home.  Every client is unique, located in a unique geography, has unique goals, and other factors that might make certain sustainable paths more complicated than others.  My job is to help you pick the path that is best for you – without judgement or guilt…all while trying to have some fun along the way!

In addition to running my own consulting business I’m also a mom of two little girls and an advocate for women and moms in the workplace – so I will be sharing posts about how to keep our kids healthy and how to support women at home and in the office.  From actions you can take to products you can buy, I hope to help make your lives fuller in a non-judgmental way.

I want you to feel good about the improvements you’re making and not feel badly about the ones you aren’t.  Every little step matters as the population grows, climate change worsens, and we continually push the boundaries of our planet’s capabilities and natural resources.  The best part is you can start now and still make an impact!

I look forward to sharing this journey with you…


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